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EV Charger Installation in Beverley

Charge your electric car at home in Beverley with an EV charger installation. We also specialise in solar PV and battery storage.

Paul BraithwaitePaul Braithwaite
15:29 25 Nov 22
No issues at all with the installation and with the Hypervolt charger. Great price, communication & overall a great experience
Suzanne DavisonSuzanne Davison
15:24 25 Nov 22
Very good service. Took time to explain the process and did a good job of the electrical and civil work as agreed.
Simon FulfordSimon Fulford
13:29 07 Aug 22
Great job done. Paul discussed all the options with me, providing his own recommendations and nothing was too difficult. Neat install completed without issues.
John EdwardsJohn Edwards
17:31 02 May 22
They arrived on time. The installation was carried out in the time they said without any problems or hidden costs. Overall a first class job. I would recommend ecoEV for anyone requiring an ev charge point installation.
Matthew NunnsMatthew Nunns
10:42 02 May 22
Fantastic installation by Paul, it wasn’t the most straightforward install but they cracked on and got it sorted with no fuss whatsoever! Excellent service and a high quality install to be proud of!
Zappi EV charger installation

Beverley EV home chargers

Looking to install an EV home charger in Beverley and surrounding areas? Look no further. Our company has a flawless track record of customer satisfaction in the EV charging industry.

When you choose us to install your new EV charger with us, our team of expert electricians begins by conducting a thorough survey of your home. This survey allows us to determine the optimal location for your charger, taking into account factors such as accessibility, safety, and minimal visual impact.

Should your mains supply and wiring require any upgrades to support the power demands of your EV charger installation, our team will handle this task with ease. We take great care in mounting the charger unit, ensuring that all cabling is neatly routed. Before you know it, your EV charger will be ready to use.

Once your EV charger has been installed in Beverley, we provide you with certification and ongoing support. We understand the importance of peace of mind when it comes to your home charging setup. Additionally, we can assist you in accessing any available EV charger grants, such as the OZEV grant which is available for landlords.

With over 100 installations completed in Hull and East Yorkshire in the past year alone, we have earned our reputation as the trusted local experts in EV charging.

Why install an EV home charger in Beverley?

By installing a 7kW EV charger at your property, you can easily plug in your electric vehicle when you arrive home and wake up to a full battery every morning. With a 7kW charger, you can expect to gain up to 30 miles of range per hour of charging, which is more than enough to cover the average daily commute of around 30 miles.

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular in the East Riding of Yorkshire, more and more towns and villages are adopting EVs. As the demand for home EV charging grows, we are here to provide high-quality 7kW and 11kW chargers from reputable brands such as Ohme, Pod Point, and Rolec.

The East Riding of Yorkshire is an ideal location for EV owners due to the region’s increasing infrastructure and support for electric driving. Our experienced team is committed to delivering top-notch 7kW EV charger installations to meet the high standards of our customers.

So, if you’re ready to make the switch to electric driving and need a reliable and expert team to install your EV charger, look

The Most popular Beverley EV home chargers

We install a lot of Pod Point Solo 3, Ohme ePod, and Zappi chargers in East Yorkshire, with Beverley residents enjoying the Zappi charger most.

zappi v2.1

The Zappi V2.1 integrates with solar panels and other renewable energy sources, helping you maximise your solar PV. Of course, it also charges from the grid and is available as a tethered or untethered charger. 

zappi charger

Ohme ePod

The Ohme ePod is Beverley’s most popular small home charger with an untethered design. It has start, pause, and mode buttons on the charger, making it easy to stop and start charging with or without the app. 


The Pod Point Solo 3 is a reliable EV home charger with an untethered or tethered design. The app is slick and you can lock a cable in place on the untethered unit for the best of both worlds. 

We are also Solar PV + battery storage experts

We are Beverley’s premier experts in solar PV and battery storage systems. More and more residents in Beverley are discovering the benefits of adding solar panels and battery storage to their properties, especially when it comes to sustainable and cost-effective EV charging.

By harnessing the power of the sun, solar panels generate electricity during the daytime, which can then be stored in batteries for later use, including overnight or during periods of low sunlight. This stored energy can be used to power your EV charging needs, reducing your reliance on the grid and minimizing your carbon footprint. Additionally, any excess energy produced can be sold back to the grid, further offsetting your electricity costs.

Our integrated solar PV and battery storage systems are designed to seamlessly utilise solar power for EV charging. We utilise top-quality components, such as SolarEdge inverters, to ensure maximum efficiency and performance from your solar panels. SolarEdge systems provide smart solar integration, allowing for self-powered EV charging and maximising self-consumption of solar energy.

One of the main benefits of installing solar PV for EV charging in Beverley is the significant cost savings it provides. By generating your own electricity from solar panels, you can significantly reduce your reliance on traditional grid electricity, which is subject to rising energy prices.

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