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EV Charger Installation in Bridlington

We are Bridlington’s leading EV charger installers with over 200 installations and additional expertise in solar PV and battery storage.

Paul BraithwaitePaul Braithwaite
15:29 25 Nov 22
No issues at all with the installation and with the Hypervolt charger. Great price, communication & overall a great experience
Suzanne DavisonSuzanne Davison
15:24 25 Nov 22
Very good service. Took time to explain the process and did a good job of the electrical and civil work as agreed.
Simon FulfordSimon Fulford
13:29 07 Aug 22
Great job done. Paul discussed all the options with me, providing his own recommendations and nothing was too difficult. Neat install completed without issues.
John EdwardsJohn Edwards
17:31 02 May 22
They arrived on time. The installation was carried out in the time they said without any problems or hidden costs. Overall a first class job. I would recommend ecoEV for anyone requiring an ev charge point installation.
Matthew NunnsMatthew Nunns
10:42 02 May 22
Fantastic installation by Paul, it wasn’t the most straightforward install but they cracked on and got it sorted with no fuss whatsoever! Excellent service and a high quality install to be proud of!
Ohme Home Pro installation

Bridlington EV home chargers

In Bridlington and the surrounding areas, our team provides expert installation of EV home chargers, boasting a stellar 100% customer satisfaction rate. Our skilled electricians first conduct a comprehensive survey of your property to identify the perfect location for your new charger, considering factors such as ease of access, safety, and minimal aesthetic disruption.

Our team is competent in managing any necessary adjustments to your primary power supply and integrating it with the wiring system to meet the specific energy requirements of the charger. We proceed to mount the charger unit seamlessly, taking extra care to ensure the associated wiring is meticulously arranged. In no time, your EV charger will be fully operational.

Once the installation is complete, you will be provided with relevant certification and continual access to our support team for your peace of mind. Additionally, we offer guidance on any available grants related to EV chargers, such as the OZEV grant specifically for landlords. With over 100 successful installations across Hull and East Yorkshire in the past year, we are your reliable local specialists in EV charging.

What does a Bridlington homeowner gain from an EV home charger?

Installing a 7kW EV charger at your Bridlington property provides the convenience of plugging in your EV once you get home and waking up to a fully charged battery each morning. Charging at home at 7kW offers around 30 miles of range per hour, which comfortably covers the average daily commute of approximately 30 miles.

Bridlington, a charming town in East Riding of Yorkshire, is quickly getting on board with electric vehicles. The town’s excellent rail connections to cities like Hull, Leeds and York, as well as immediate access to the M62 motorway, make it more appealing for Bridlington residents to make the eco-friendly switch to electric cars and vans. As the demand for home EV charging rises in Bridlington, we specialise in providing and installing top-quality 7kW and 11kW chargers from reputable brands such as Ohme, Pod Point, and Rolec.

Given Bridlington’s robust transport system and an increasing trend in EV usage, it’s an excellent place for residents to transition to electric driving. Our experienced installation team delivers premium slot-in 7kW EV charger installations, maintaining the highest possible standards. Make the smart, eco-friendly choice today with our expertise right here in Bridlington.

Most popular EV home chargers in bridlington

In East Yorkshire, we frequently install Pod Point Solo 3, Ohme ePod, and Zappi chargers, with our clientele in Bridlington showing a particular preference for the Ohme charger.

Tailoring to your specific needs such as integrating an EV or scheduling affordable charging during the economy 7 tariff hours, we offer informed recommendations on the most suitable chargers.


Ohme ePod

The Ohme ePod can sync with a flexible tariff for meticulous cost tracking and conveniently timed charging during affordable rate periods. Note that this applies only to flexible tariffs – standard tariffs have one charging rate.  The charger stands out with its untethered feature and a unique cable lock provision, giving you the flexibility of operating it both tethered and untethered if desired.

zappi v2.1

Ranked among the top EV chargers for solar and renewable emphasis, the Zappi V2.1 delivers unparalleled management and supervision of your grid charging combined with renewable resources. This efficient charger can be tailored to your needs, available in both tethered and untethered unit variants.

zappi charger


Available in both tethered and untethered formats, the Pod Point Solo 3 may not provide smart tariff integration, but it more than makes up for it as a dependable charger with timed charging functions. Not only does its application work smoothly, but the impressively stylish design of the Pod Point Solo 3 also enhances its charm.

Have you considered solar PV + battery storage to charge for free?

As the top specialists in solar PV and battery storage in Bridlington, we’re here to help you tap into the surging trend of powering EV chargers sustainably through solar panels and battery storage.

Making use of the renewable solar energy captured during the daytime, the power can be stored in batteries, allowing you to charge your EV off-grid even after the sun has set. Moreover, any surplus power can be sold back to the grid, fostering energy efficiency. Our highly integrated systems prioritise seamless utilisation of solar power for your EV charging, ensuring maximum consumption is met using what you generate dynamically. We work with top-grade components such as SolarEdge inverters to extract the utmost productivity from your solar panels.

In terms of solar PV’s benefits for EV charging, it enables you to generate your own sustainable, clean power to charge your EV, significantly reducing your overall carbon footprint. The combination of solar panels and battery storage can mean complete energy independence for EV charging, alleviating the reliance on public charging points and reducing your household’s energy bills.

Opting for smart solar integration translates to maximum utilisation of self-generated energy, and zero emissions being pushed out during the process of powering your EV. Our cutting-edge SolarEdge systems are designed specifically to enable self-powered EV charging.

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