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EV Charger Installation in Cottingham

We are Cottingham’s leading EV home charger and solar PV experts. Contact us anytime for advice and quotes.

Paul BraithwaitePaul Braithwaite
15:29 25 Nov 22
No issues at all with the installation and with the Hypervolt charger. Great price, communication & overall a great experience
Suzanne DavisonSuzanne Davison
15:24 25 Nov 22
Very good service. Took time to explain the process and did a good job of the electrical and civil work as agreed.
Simon FulfordSimon Fulford
13:29 07 Aug 22
Great job done. Paul discussed all the options with me, providing his own recommendations and nothing was too difficult. Neat install completed without issues.
John EdwardsJohn Edwards
17:31 02 May 22
They arrived on time. The installation was carried out in the time they said without any problems or hidden costs. Overall a first class job. I would recommend ecoEV for anyone requiring an ev charge point installation.
Matthew NunnsMatthew Nunns
10:42 02 May 22
Fantastic installation by Paul, it wasn’t the most straightforward install but they cracked on and got it sorted with no fuss whatsoever! Excellent service and a high quality install to be proud of!

Cottingham EV home chargers

Our team of expert electricians specialise in the installation of EV home chargers in Cottingham and the nearby regions. Our impeccable customer satisfaction record stands testament to our skills and dedication.

As part of our process for new EV charger installation, our skilled team conducts a thorough survey of your home to find the best location for the charger in terms of access, aesthetics, and safety. We handle any necessary upgrades to your main power supply and wiring to accommodate the charger’s power requirements. The process of mounting the charging unit is fairly simple, and our team ensures to route any required cabling neatly. Your EV charger will be up and running swiftly with minimum inconvenience.

Once the installation is complete, we provide certification and ongoing support for total peace of mind. Our team can also provide assistance with EV charger grants such as the OZEV grant for landlords, if applicable. Having successfully installed over 100 chargers in Hull, East Yorkshire and surrounding areas in the past year alone, we are your reliable local experts in EV charging.

The advantages of having an EV home charger in Cottingham

The installation of a dedicated 7kW EV charger at your Cottingham home allows you the convenience of plugging in as soon as you return home and waking up to a fully charged EV battery every day.

Using a 7kW home charger will give you up to 30 miles of range per hour, so overnight charging can easily cover the average daily commute, which is around 30 miles.

Cottingham, located within the East Riding of Yorkshire, is rapidly embracing electric vehicles. With robust transport connections to Hull and beyond, residents of Cottingham are progressively switching to more eco-friendly electric vehicles. As the need for home EV charging increases in Cottingham, we are experts in providing and fitting top-quality 7kW and 11kW chargers from renowned brands like Ohme, Pod Point, and Rolec.

With its robust transport infrastructure and swiftly increasing adoption of EVs, Cottingham is the perfect place to transition to electric vehicles. Our proficient team delivers top-notch 7kW EV charger installations, so you can enjoy convenience and peace of mind with every charge.

Most popular Cottingham EV home chargers

Our team has a noteworthy record of installing multiple Pod Point Solo 3, Ohme ePod, and Zappi chargers throughout East Yorkshire, with the Ohme charger being particularly well-received by the residents of Cottingham.

Our expertise allows us to advise you on the best chargers to suit your specific needs. For example, if you’re interested in integrating an EV or economy 7 tariff for more affordable scheduled charging, we can guide you on the most fitting options.

Every EV charger we install in Cottingham comes with at least a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. We strive to deliver the best service by expertly managing and resolving common support issues. Trust us to provide you with reliable, efficient, and high-quality EV charging solutions.


Ohme ePod

The Ohme ePod can track charging costs and sync with flexible tariffs to access cheaper charging rates. Note that this applies only to flexible tariffs – standard tariffs have one charging rate. It features a cable lock function, allowing for both tethered and untethered usage, offering flexibility based on your needs.

zappi v2.1

Ideal for integration with solar and other renewable energy sources, the Zappi V2.1 is a top-tier EV charger. It provides unrivalled control and monitoring over both your grid and renewable energy charging. This versatile unit is available in both tethered and untethered versions, giving you the freedom to choose what suits your charging needs best.

zappi charger


Whether you prefer a tethered or untethered unit, the Pod Point Solo 3 charger offers both. It may lack smart tariff integration, but this charger exudes reliability and features scheduled charging. The user-friendly app adds to its convenience, while its stylish design adds a sophisticated touch.

solar PV + battery storage in cottingham

As leading specialists in solar PV and battery storage systems in Cottingham, we’re thrilled to see an increasing number of local residents unlock the advantages of incorporating solar panels and battery storage into their properties. This approach proves particularly beneficial for those seeking sustainable and cost-effective solutions to EV charging.

Taking full advantage of the sun’s power, solar panels generate electricity throughout the day. This energy can then be stored in batteries for later use, be that overnight or during periods of low sunlight. The stored energy presents an eco-friendly and cost-efficient method to supply your EV charging needs, significantly reducing your reliance on the power grid and thereby decreasing your carbon footprint. Plus, any surplus energy can be sold back to the grid, further offsetting your energy costs.

Our cutting-edge solar PV and battery storage systems are purposefully designed to seamlessly leverage solar power for EV charging. We use high-quality components, such as SolarEdge inverters, to ensure your solar panels operate at their maximum efficiency and performance. These SolarEdge systems offer smart solar integration, enabling self-powered EV charging and optimising the self-consumption of solar energy.

One of the key benefits of installing solar PV for EV charging in Cottingham is that it leads to notable cost savings. By producing your own electricity via solar panels, you greatly minimise your dependency on traditional grid electricity, which comes with fluctuating and escalating energy costs. So, by choosing solar PV for EV charging, you’re not only investing in clean energy but also securing a more affordable power solution for your electric vehicle.

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