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EV home charger installations in Hull – prices and what to expect

EV home chargers Hull

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EV home charger installations in Hull usually cost between £600 and £1,200, depending on the type and power of the charger. Prices may also vary depending on the supplier and any installation costs.

You can expect a fully qualified, accredited engineer to visit your property and carry out a survey and risk assessment. This will give them an understanding of the best location for your installation, and help limit the number of additional components required for the job.

Once the survey and risk assessment has been completed, the engineer will then install the EV home charger following the manufacturer’s instructions.

During the installation process, the engineer will also need to connect the charger to the electricity grid, making sure to carry out any necessary safety checks and inspections.

Once the installation is complete, you will receive a certificate of conformity and a user guide. The engineer will then provide you with advice on how to operate and use the charger safely.

The work required

The EV home charger installation usually takes between three and five hours. The engineer will need to connect the unit to your home’s electrical network, ensure there is a suitable earthing, and properly fit the enclosure. Additionally, the engineer will require access to your internal electrical system in order to link the charger to your existing fuse box.

Ongoing costs and maintenance

Your EV home charger will come with a minimum 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer usually sets who conducts warranty repairs – the installer, or them.

It is important to remember that your charger requires regular maintenance to ensure it is running smoothly and is safe to use.

We recommend an inspection every 12 months to check any wiring, external plugs, etc. Additionally, you should clean the charger off with a soft cloth regularly and make sure not to keep any flammable materials near the charger while charging is in progress.

We offer home charger installation in Hull and East Yorkshire, with hundreds of happy customers. Feel free to contact us for a quote anytime.

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