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Home EV charging costs in 2023

EV charging costs

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The cost to charge your electric vehicle in 2023 depends on the following factors:

  • The amount of energy you put into the battery in kWh.
  • The price you pay per kWh of energy.

Here are some examples:

Home charging costs with Energy Price Guarantee

  • The energy price guarantee caps the rate of domestic electricity to 31.8p/kWh.
  • You put 50kWh of energy into your electric car at that price.
  • The total price for the charge session comes to £15.90.

However, if you have an Economy 7 or EV energy tariff, you will pay significantly less than 31.8p/kWh when charging during off-peak hours.

Home charging costs with off-peak electricity rates

  • Your tariff charges 15p/kWh during off-peak hours.
  • You put 50kWh of energy into your EV.
  • The total price for the charge session comes to £7.50.

The lowest charging rates are usually offered by EV tariffs, although some energy suppliers have started removing these products from the market.

Home charging costs with solar panels and battery storage

If you have solar panels and battery storage, you will pay nothing for your electricity because consumption will be entirely off-grid.

Our solar PV to EV installations generate anywhere from 4kW to 20kW of power, with electricity distributed across your home, with battery storage collecting the rest.

Hopefully this article gives you an indication of how much charging at home costs.

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