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The Ohme Wallcharger is a small tidy charging point that comes with its own cable holder.

Using the app, you can start, stop and pause charging as well as set a timer for cheaper electricity. 

The Ohme is a 4G charger, so it eliminates the need to connect to your home WiFi – an essential feature if your home WiFi isn’t the strongest. 


Smart charging
• 7.3kW single phase
• Works with all plug-in vehicle brands
• Smart app controlled
• Solar compatible – with existing installations
• IP65 fully weather resistant
• Fully OLEV accredited and 18th edition compliant

This charger qualifies for the full £350 OZEV grant. The average price of installation is £575 after the OZEV grant.

Ohme also do the Ohme Home Pro with a built-in screen and control panel. You can read an Ohme Home Pro review on Top Charger.

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As OZEV approved installers, we can access a government grant of £350 available towards the cost of your electric car charger installation.