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Single versus three-phase home EV chargers

single or three phase

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When it comes to home EV chargers, you can get a single-phase or three-phase charger, although your home is probably only compatible with single phase.

In terms of functionality, single phase chargers are slower, but for most people, single phase delivers the necessary charging speeds for modern motoring.

The decision between which one to choose can be confusing for the average consumer. In this article, we will discuss the differences between single-phase and three-phase chargers and the factors to consider when making the choice.

Single phase

Single-phase chargers are the most common type of home charger available. Most homes in the UK have a single-phase supply, capable of delivering up to 7.4kW of power in most cases.


Three-phase chargers offer significantly more power, ranging from 7.4kW up to 22kW. This allows you to charge up quicker, with some EVs capable of adding up to 80 miles of range in an hour.

However, three-phase home power supplies are relatively rare. You can upgrade from single to 3-phase, but only your DNO can make the switch.

Choosing between them

Your decision depends on what power supply your home has. 7.4kW of power on single-phase adds around 28 miles of range per hour – plenty for most people.

If you need faster speeds, three-phase chargers are the obvious choice, offering 11kW and sometimes 22kW charge speeds with the correct configuration

Additionally, you should consider your budget. Three-phase home chargers are more expensive than single-phase due to the additional electrical components and parts required.

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