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EVHS Grant Ends for Homeowners March 31st 2022

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The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme ( EVHS ) run by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles ( OZEV ) comes to an end for homeowners on March 31st, 2022.

Homeowners who want to get a home charger installed with the grant will need to apply before the March 31st deadline or pay for the full cost of installation after.

The £350 grant is a single contribution from the Government towards home installation. After March 31st 2022, the grant ends and the £350 grant is no longer available.

The Government hasn’t pulled the plug on the grant but rather refocused it. The EVHS grant will be made available to landlords and private tenants. Now, the EVHS grant is only available for homeowners. So, from March 31st 2022, the rental sector will be able to benefit from the grant.

Although the £350 grant disappearing will increase the cost of installation, the grant actually inflated prices a little so the full £350 cost won’t be passed on. You can probably expect to pay around £150 more than you would have, a small increase. The upside is you will get access to more installers because quite a few don’t do OZEV work due to slow payment releases and poor customer support from OZEV.

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