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OZEV Grant Scheme Explained

The OZEV Grant offers up to £350 towards the cost of EV charger installation for landlords. 

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OZEV Landlord grant

The OZEV landlord grant is for charge point installations in rental properties. It gives you £350 towards purchasing and installing an EV charge point.

For example, the OZEV grant would reduce the cost of an £895 charge point installation to £545.

Under the grant, you can claim £350 per socket. Landlords get up to 200 grants for residential EV charge point installations and a further 100 for commercial installations.

As your charge point installer, ecoEV will apply for the grant on your behalf, ensuring you benefit from the full £350 contribution.

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The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

The OZEV WCS grant is for commercial charge point installations. In 2021, it gives you £350 towards the purchase and installation of an EV charge point, capped at 40 single sockets or 20 double sockets per applicant business.

Under the WCS grant, any business, charity or public authority can apply, and you do not need to have any EVs as part of your existing fleet.

We can apply for the WCS voucher code on your behalf, or you can do it here. As your charge point installer, we will claim the grant after installation.

What About the OLEV Grant?

The OLEV grant no longer exists!

The OLEV grant was replaced by the OZEV grant in 2020 after The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) was renamed The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV).

The Government’s decision to rename OLEV to OZEV was made to align it better with their ambitions for carbon zero and carbon neutrality.

If you see any EV charge point installers saying they are part of the now defunct OLEV scheme then their information is out of date.

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