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How EV charger installation works

Tesla charger install

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Installing an electric car charging point requires a professional electrician to ensure that your property can house one and to plan out where it’ll go.

This stage is usually free. The installer will then set up the physical charger – often in a garage or on a driveway – and run up to 10 meters of secure cabling to your fuse box while also fitting a safety cut-off device. These pieces of hardware cost around £100.

Some chargers require an earthing rod for installation, however newer models are moving away from this need with integrated earth protection.

Safety measures should include an RCD (residual current device) which prevents current leakage in the event of an electrical fault. Earthing is necessary and all cables need to be safely routed. This includes providing adequate protection against physical damage to the cables and fire, as well as making sure the cables are away from moisture and animals.

The labour costs typically amount to around £300, which is fair considering their expertise can prevent against future damages. After the installation is complete, your electrician will test the charger to ensure it works and meets safety standards.

The electrician should confirm that the circuit is not overloaded, and that the type of charger being installed is suited to the property’s electrical capabilities.

A 7kW charger usually carries a cost of around £600, and the installation process usually runs around £400, so expect to pay at least £1,000 for the installation.

The average installation cost with ecoEV is £1,100 including VAT with a three-year warranty.

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