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How long does a home charger last?

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Providing your home charger was installed under the OZEV scheme, your home charger has a minimum three-year warranty covering all hardware and software from the time of installation.

Charger brands registered under the OZEV scheme are obligated to provide a three-year warranty, which is why installers like us offer a three-year guarantee.

However, chargers outside of the OZEV grant can offer a warranty as low as 12-months. This doesn’t mean the charger will fail after a year, but rather any problems after a year are yours to fix.

The best way to make sure your home charger lasts is to get it installed by a reputable electrician who will perform annual checks on your charger. For example, ecoEV are happy to perform tests every year to make sure your home charger is working as intended.

To sum up, your home charger will have a standard warranty of 12 to 36 months, after which it should continue to function perfectly fine. Problems with home chargers after the warranty period are usually to do with the circuit board, which can be replaced cost-effectively in some cases.

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