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How much will an EV increase my electric bill?

EV charger installation for Tesla

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Your electricity bill will probably increase by 5-10% with an EV. The easiest way to reduce costs is to purchase an EV tariff that gives you cheap electricity when charging your EV.

The amount an EV will increase your electricity bill by depends on how much power you consume at home and how much you pay per unit of electricity.

A good way to work out your electric costs is to take the battery capacity of your vehicle and multiply it by your kWh tariff rate.

For example, topping up with 60kWh will cost £3.00 at 5p per kWh (this super-low price is available on EV tariffs like Octopus Go) or £12 at 20p per kWh.

To calculate a monthly or annual increase to your electricity bill, simply estimate the total kWh you will draw based on your mileage and miles per kWh rating, then factor in your kWh rate.

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