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How often should I charge my EV?

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How often should you charge your electric vehicle?

The answer is simple: charge it when it gets to around 20% or when you need more miles to complete your journey.

If the energy in the battery is sufficient for you to complete your journeys, why would you keep topping up? That would be like keeping a petrol tank above half all the time.

Charging every day or night when you don’t need to is a fool’s errand. Your vehicle battery stores a tremendous amount of energy for your journeys. It is a better use of your time to let the energy in the battery deplete and then charge at home when it gets to around 20%.

Why 20%? Because the first and last 20% of a battery charge produces the most heat. Heat degrades the battery faster, which is why so many experts recommend 20-80% charges.

Overall, just charge your electric vehicle when it gets to 20% or when you need more miles, and consider a smart charger to unlock scheduled charging.

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