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Smart home charger vs socket for EV charging

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A smart home charger is a device that can be used to charge an electric vehicle (EV) at home at significantly higher speeds than a standard socket thanks to in-built RCD protection and bolstered circuits that regulate the power flow.

The charger is connected directly to your home energy supply and can be customized to charge your EV at a scheduled time or at prescribed charge levels, making it more efficient and economical.

Smart chargers are equipped with other features like Wi-Fi, real-time monitoring and remote access capabilities, meaning users can manage their charging activity from anywhere.

On the other hand, a socket for EV charging is a traditional connection between the home energy supply and the EV.

Sockets of the 3-pin variety output around 2kW of power, while smart chargers can output up to 7.4kW on a single-phase power supply. This equates to 8 miles versus 28 miles of range per hour, so it’s faster to use a smart charger, not to mention more convenient.

Note that we do not recommend using a 3-pin socket to charge an EV for safety reasons. The sockets can overheat, making them a fire hazard.

Should you buy a smart home charger?

If you drive an EV and you have off-street parking, a smart home charger is a no-brainer to access the fastest possible charging speeds at home.

While there is nothing stopping you from using a 3-pin socket to charge at home, the slow charge speed might not suit your mileage and the frequency of your journeys.

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