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What factors can slow down EV charging speeds at home?

ev charging at home slow

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When charging at home you might experience slower charging speeds than advertised. For example, your 7kWh home charger might only achieve 5kW in the morning.

Generally, slow charger speed is caused by the vehicle receiving low voltage from the charger due to inadequate power supply that cannot support the speed.

However, there are several other factors that could be at play:

  • Battery Temperature: Temperature plays a key role in the charging rate of an electric vehicle’s battery. Extreme hot or cold temperatures can slow down charging times, as the battery must be brought to a safe temperature before charging can take place.
  • Outdoor Temperature: High outdoor temperatures can also reduce EV charging rate due to increased heat in the charging area, causing the battery to work harder in order to cope with the additional heat.
  • Demand on the Grid: If the power grid is overloaded due to a high demand, charging times could slow down due to reduced power availability.
  • Demand on House Supply: If the house is using appliances during charging, the amount of power available to the EV charger will be reduced, resulting in slower charging.

The good news is that none of these are permanent issues and in a worst case scenario will only need to upgrade your home’s power supply to the correct standard to achieve the maximum charging speed.

We can advise on what charging speeds you can expect following a quick survey of your home. We can recommend any changes to bolster your supply and diagnose any problems you have.

Contact us for advice and to find out more about EV charger installation.

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