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What happens to an EV charger if there’s a power cut?

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If your EV charger was installed by us, it will be on a dedicated circuit on your distribution board. Your distribution board will have an RCD, which can sometimes trip. When this happens, the power supply to your EV charger will cut off.

There is nothing to worry about when this happens. EV chargers are designed to restart following a power cut. Providing your EV charger is from a good brand, your settings should be preserved and charging should be available again.

The same rings true when your house or street has a power cut. Power cuts won’t affect your charger in any damaging way.

The only thing you will notice is a connectivity gap as your Wi-Fi boots up and your charger reconnects. If your EV charger has 4G or 3G rather than Wi-Fi, the modem inside the unit might take a little while to establish a connection. This is normal.

So, if you have a power cut, don’t worry about it.

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