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What is the difference between tethered and untethered EV chargers?

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Tethered, or untethered, that is the question. To make a decision, you need to know what the difference is. We’ll explain the difference between tethered and untethered chargers as simply as possible.

Tethered vs Untethered

A tethered EV charger has a cable built into the charge box, eradicating the need for you to plug a cable into the box and then into your car.

An untethered EV charger has no cable built into the charge box, so you need to plug a charging cable into the box and then into your car.

You’d be right in assuming tethered EV chargers are easier to live with because you don’t need to store a charging cable and fumble about with it.

Picture the scene: With an untethered charger, you arrive home, get your cable out, plug it into the box, then plug it into your car. After charging, you reverse the process. With a tethered charger, all you do is plug the cable attached to the box into your car. We know which scene we prefer!

The good news is tethered wall boxes aren’t much more expensive than untethered units. You will typically pay between £100 and £150 more for a tethered EV charger.

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