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EV charging costs

Home EV charging costs in 2023

The cost to charge your electric vehicle in 2023 depends on the following factors: Here are some examples: Home charging costs with Energy Price Guarantee

Bi-directional charging

What is bi-directional charging?

Bi-directional charging is a feature of some electric vehicles that lets them send power both ways. The way it works is the vehicle has an

How long does a home charger last?

Providing your home charger was installed under the OZEV scheme, your home charger has a minimum three-year warranty covering all hardware and software from the

Tesla charger install

Does My Charger Need an Earth Rod?

An earth rod is only a requirement when the charger doesn’t have O-pen / PEN protection built-in. O-pen detects if the earth is faulty/missing coming

Tesla EV charger install

Do electric cars lose charge when parked?

Electric cars lose 1-2% charge parked overnight, increasing to 3-5% in cold temperatures. Cold temperatures sap power from the battery. This happens because the charged